Decks made of pressure-treated lumber or decay-resistant woods still need regular maintenance to prolong their life. Harsh weather and UV rays are an enemy to decks in Kansas City. You will need to clean and refinish your deck to keep it looking great. Finishes containing different amounts of pigment offer different levels of protection to your deck.

If you prefer the look of natural wood, you might prefer to go with a clear sealer; however, you will likely need to recoat your deck every year. This type of finish contains no pigment and offers little protection against damage from UV rays.

A semitransparent sealer contains pigment that alters the color of the wood and allows for some of the wood’s grain to show through. You will get several years of protection from this finish as the pigment offers increased protection from UV rays.

An opaque finish offers the most protection from UV rays since it contains more pigmentation. Very little wood grain will show through, but the benefit is that the finish will last about five years.

With continued maintenance, your deck will provide you with years of enjoyment. For more information on decks in Kansas City, contact Outdoor Environments.