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Deck Inspections

Decks are a great place to socialize, relax, and enjoy being outdoors. But even the best deck won't last forever. The average lifespan of a deck is 10 to 15 years, although a deck that is well-built and properly maintained can last 25 years or more. Outdoor Environments recommends a deck inspection for any deck more than 10 years old, regardless of how it looks or who built it.

It is estimated that only 40 percent of existing decks are completely safe. The two biggest deck safety issues commonly seen are the ledger board that connects the deck structure to the house band detaches, resulting in a deck collapse, and compromised guard rails and stairs. A deck collapse happens with no warning and can cause injuries as well as property damage. Seventy-five percent of people who are on a deck when it collapses are injured or killed.

Decks fail for a variety of reasons, including old age, poor deck maintenance, improper building methods, and exceeding the maximum weight capacity. Heavy snow can also weaken a deck. A deck inspection from Outdoor Environments can catch problems before they evolve into bigger problems that will result in the need to completely replace your deck. Identifying and fixing these issues with a deck inspection is much less costly than a total deck replacement. Even more importantly, it ensures the safety of your deck and ensures the safety of anyone who uses your deck.

Improper Fastening to House

improper fastening to house and deck collapsed

our 10-point deck inspection

  • Ledgers and proper fastening
  • Joists sizes and spacing
  • Stair stringers and spans
  • Post placement and base plate attachments
  • Post base rotting
  • Rail attachments
  • Baluster spacing
  • Stair rails and code spacing
  • Decking condition and fastening
  • Beam and post spans

Outdoor Environments offers deck inspections throughout the greater Kansas City area.

Deck that Wasn't Built to Support a Hot Tub

Hot tub that fell to the ground, deck was not built to support hot tub