Include in your exterior remodeling ideas outdoor lighting, especially to brighten up the long winter months.

There are a variety of outdoor lighting styles from which to choose. Select ones that are energy efficient. Today’s technology provides low-voltage, high-tech LED bulbs, which use 80 percent less energy than standard bulbs. This makes the night lights functional and sustainable.

Variety of Uses

  • Sidewalks and entrances are excellent areas to light up. Well-lit pathways make it safer and more convenient for leaving and entering the home at night.
  • Driveways that are well defined with exterior lighting help the driver clearly see where to navigate turns.
  • Address numbers that are appropriately lit up at night help your property be clearly identified when guests come to visit.
  • Landscapes can be enhanced with some carefully placed lights. Creatively showing off a special tree or shrub at night can enrich evening ambiance.

Improved safety and security are always at the first on the list of benefits when adding night lights to your home. The overall curb appeal of a home is increased. Also, get rid of dark winter doldrums by brightening up your property.

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