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Ground Level Decks

When most people think of decks, they tend to think of elevated decks. But ground level decks can be equally dramatic and offer their own design advantages. Outdoor Environments can help you design and build a ground level deck that will create an inviting outdoor living space perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Ground level decks offer a number of advantages. Because a ground level deck does not have to be attached to the house, it offers greater flexibility in where it's located. While it can be attached to your home like an elevated deck, a ground level deck can be built in any area of your yard, such as next to a prominent landscape feature. A ground level deck can be customized to fit any narrow or odd shaped area of your yard or to conform to the angles of your home. Ground level decks can also transform damp, rocky, or uneven ground into usable outdoor living space.

Ground level decks are much easier than elevated decks to blend with the adjoining landscape features to create an integrated design. Plants, trees, and other vegetation can be installed directly around the deck and a step or two provides an easy transition to the yard area. A ground level deck also allows you to build a larger deck without overpowering your home.



Because ground level decks are so low to the ground, railing is usually not required. Eliminating the railing around the deck creates an open, spacious feeling and frees your view from the obstruction caused by deck railing. If you want to define the boundary around your deck, planters or built-in benches can be used instead.

Ground level decks can accommodate features that elevated decks cannot. You can use wider steps with a ground level deck, creating a more open, smooth transition from the deck to the yard. They can also be used as additional seating or used to place plants or other decorative objects. Outdoor Environments can incorporate an arbor, pergola, or other covered structure to provide protection from the sun or rain. Ground level decks can also be designed to accommodate hot tubs or shallow pools.

Ground level decks require some special design considerations. Proper design and selecting the right materials is critical. Because ground level decks are close to the ground, they need proper ventilation to allow the space beneath to dry.

Whether you want a large ground level deck for entertaining or a small, simple ground level deck where you can grill or enjoy a book, Outdoor Environments can make it happen. We can accommodate any design, size, or budget.