One of the biggest outdoor remodeling trends that you should take note of is adding radiant heating to the floor of your four season room. Why is this such a hot trend in remodeling right now and why is it important to add radiant heating? There are a couple convincing reasons.

  • Efficiency – Compared to baseboard heating, floor heating is much more efficient for your home–especially when it comes to four season rooms. This is because you need less duct work in order for the heat to go through the room.
  • Allergen Free – If you’re prone to allergies but still want to enjoy your four season room, it is best to get radiant floor heating because it won’t distribute as many allergens through the air as an air duct heating system would.
  • Environmental – Radiant floor heating uses less electricity compared to other types of heating in a house, which is especially great if you’re looking to go green and lessen your carbon footprint. In fact, there are different types of floor heating such as air-heated, low electricity, and liquid (hydronic) systems.

Have your remodeling team install radiant floor heating to your four seasons room to enjoy it throughout the entire year.  Contact us at Outdoor Environments for more information!