It’s a refuge, a playground, and a place to entertain – all rolled into one. It’s your yard, and while it may not be perfect, you love it.

You can enhance your yard by following one of the hottest outdoor remodeling trends of all: adding more hardscaping. Doing so will tilt the balance: you’ll have less lawn maintenance to do in the spring, which will give you more time to enjoy your yard and all the “play and purpose” functions it fills in your life.

A great idea, you might be thinking, but where might you add more hardscaping? Consider the possibilities in:

  • Walkways, which may exist now in the form of narrow stepping stones that can be expanded, or in worn, grassy areas that would benefit from hardscaped paths. Think in practical terms, but dream a little, too.

  • Steep inclines or declines, which you may be avoiding precisely because they’re difficult to navigate. Hardscaping can make the journey easier.

  • An expanded patio or an add-on to a deck.

Pavers, bricks and stones can add a breathtaking touch to your yard while saving your breath on lawn maintenance chores. Call Outdoor Environments and we’ll help you size up the possibilities.