After completing a new construction, remodeling or addition home project, you can often be left with an unsightly yard in need of some much deserved attention. Deciding how to coordinate your hardscape with your landscape and tie them together with your new home can seem overwhelming. This is a perfect time to let the professionals assist you with their hardscaping services in Kansas City.

Proportion and scale can be an integral factor when planning a successful landscaping project. Follow these guidelines to help you find the right plan.

  • Play around with different  proportions and scale of your hardscape design. Create a pleasant blend of complementary earth-tone colors in your stone pathways, retaining walls, and patios. Size of stones may not be as critical as textural contrast or strong intersecting planes, which balance the overall composition.
  • Add dimension to your layout with some creative definition lines, whether in the form of retaining walls, fencing, or railings, and some well-placed ornamentation such as trees or shrubs. The idea is to have one section connect to another in an attractive layout.

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