deck safety

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Summer barbecue season is on its way, and this means decks in Kansas City need to be prepared for the throngs of party guests. Deck Safety Month is nearly over, but if you have not checked your deck yet, now is the time. Here are common safety issues you may encounter during your investigation.

  • Cracks: Cracks deeper than ¼ inch mean the board needs to be replaced. The crack will only grow worse as the deck is walked upon, and the board may eventually break.
  • Rotting wood: Rotting wood is not always obvious. Look for soft, spongy spots in the wood.
  • Loose Hardware: Bolts and screws can loosen over time, or may pull away from wood if the wood is rotting or the ground has shifted. Check all bolts and screws for tightness.
  • Loose Railing: Rails should move very little. If they are easily jiggled, they need to be tightened or replaced.

Deck maintenance should be part of all your annual outdoor maintenance. We at Outdoor Environments can examine your deck for all safety issues. We can tell you how to take care of these and how to best prepare your deck for the season.