Design Your Landscape With Storm Water in Mind

December 17, 2013
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As you consider exterior remodeling ideas, do not forget to plan for storm water. Whether it is rain or melting snow, you can beautify your landscape in a myriad of ways that will not only protect your building, but use the water to its fullest. (more…)

Don’t Forget Your Driveway When Landscaping

December 13, 2013
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Your driveway can present special challenges when you are planning your landscaping. The larger or longer the driveway is can lead to even more possibilities and complications. Use professional hardscaping services in Kansas City can help you in developing the look you want. (more…)

Make a Compelling Pathway Through Your Landscape

October 23, 2013
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Backyards can significantly benefit from the addition of a pathway. In addition to keeping your feet warm and dry in inclement weather, they can also be used to heighten the aesthetic aspects of your property. Here are a few ideas on how to use pathways most effectively:

  • Have a Destination – Almost by definition, pathways should be functional. Still, if you do not really have anywhere you need to go, create a focal point at the end of the pathway with a sculpture or a particularly interesting plant.
  • Maintain the Décor – Don’t just throw down a concrete or gravel pathway. Instead, consider the décor and use slate, granite or even wood to complement the rest of the scenery along the route.
  • Consider the Walker – Not only should a path be wide enough with plenty of clearance from the surrounding shrubbery, it should also be comfortable to walk on. Keep yours relatively level – with steps as opposed to ramps – and lighted if necessary.

For more information on your particular paver options and for other landscape ideas, please visit us at Outdoor Environments. Find us online at or reach us directly at 913-897-2706.

Mix Up Your Materials for a Beautiful Landscape Design

October 12, 2013
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outdoor garden design
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outdoor garden design

Source: Flickr

Outdoor spaces are quickly becoming a versatile extension of the home. Exterior remodeling ideas now include landscape design that incorporates outdoor kitchens, living and dining areas. This blending of the comforts of indoors with the great outdoors opens up a world of creative possibilities. Delve deeper into that creativity by mixing up the materials used in your landscaping design.

Don’t underestimate the versatility of gravel in your landscape design. For a more natural look in a wooded property, line paths with larger stones and fill in with gravel. In a patio area, pea gravel makes an ideal base for furniture and a sturdy, pleasant surface to walk on.

Cut slabs
Whether new or salvaged, cut stone slabs are a bold way to add topography to your landscape. Define grassy-topped steps down a hill with these easy to install choice for exterior remodeling ideas.

Irregular stone
Using irregular stone in your landscaping provides a sturdy surface with a less defined feel than traditional patterned flagstone. Allowing grass to grow up between the stones makes it seem as if they’ve always been part of the property.

Discover more ways to mix materials in your exterior remodeling ideas by contacting Outdoor Environments.

Mix Hardscaping into Your Garden Design for More Visual Interest

September 26, 2013
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If your garden needs to be refreshed,consider adding elements of hardscaping to create texture and visual interest. Garden transition, where each separate area of your yard has its own identity but there is a continuity that brings balance and flow to the entire space, is frequently used in outdoor design these days.


Design Style

Gone are the days when landscape was all straight lines and symmetrical flower beds. Now you see gently curved walkways, tiered terraces, serene ponds surrounded by comfortable seating, and creative use of yard art.

Mixing Materials 

Additional popular outdoor remodeling trends include using mixed materials. Create an interesting walk in a gentle zig-zag pattern. Fill the entire walkway with small earthy pea gravel. Let the gravel settle, then install flat river rock as stepping stones. Frame the entire walkway with short perennial plants or shrubs increasing size and height throughout  the remaining surrounding landscape.

Year Round Color 

Plan out your color in advance. There are many flowering perennials which bloom at different times throughout the year, so with a little planning it’s easy to have pockets of color no matter what the season. Then place planters full of flowering annuals throughout your entire yard during the warmer months for even more vibrant color.

Please contact Outdoor Environments for all your hardscape needs.


Flagstone: Versatility and Beauty for Your Kansas City Yard

June 21, 2013
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Flagstone is such a versatile workhouse.  From garden paths to patios, flagstone is a material that can bring style and longevity to your outdoor projects.

outdoor design ideas

Source: Pinterest

Flagstone is usually sold by the ton or the pound, with differing price tags depending on what type you choose even the budget savvy can find a nice style in their price range.

Here are some ideas on where to use flagstone in your outdoor spaces:

  • Patios – Depending on what you are looking for you can fill in joints with gravel for a casual feel or if you are looking for something that will last through the years then you will want to mortar the joints.
  • Seating areas – Stacking and mortaring flagstone can create a beautiful seating area.  Think the outside of your patio or even surrounding a flagstone fire pit.
  • Steps – Flagstone is an excellent choice for adding steps into your garden.  Its natural look and feel keeps with the flow of your garden.
  • Paths – Narrow or wide pathways look great in flagstone.  Your imagination is the only limit to building garden paths with this versatile stone.

Contact the outdoor living rooms and kitchens experts at Outdoor Environments for more great outdoor living ideas.

May Maintenance for Your Outdoors

May 16, 2013
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outdoor spaces design

Image via Houzz

As spring weather arrives in Kansas City, our thoughts head to spending time outdoors.  May is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor areas and have them ready for the warmer weather of summer.

Here are some maintenance tips for your outdoor living rooms and kitchens:

  • Stain Away – Protect the wood in your outdoor areas by washing them down thoroughly then re-staining them.
  • Follow the Paths – Take a look at your garden paths and see what needs fixing.  Re-do edges to give them a clean look, fill in any gravel and fix or replace broken areas in your paths.
  • Clean Out – Get into the garden shed and garage and get rid of any expired products and anything you don’t need anymore.
  • Ready to Grill – Make sure your grill is clean and ready to go.  Give the cooking areas a good scrubbing.
  • Mending Fences – Check over your fences and make sure there is no splintering, cracking, or holes.

If your yard needs a general spruce-up but you can’t find the time, contact the outdoor experts at Outdoor Environments.  Our services include deck and outdoor living maintenance. We can have your outdoor living rooms and kitchens ready for you to enjoy all summer.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Patio

April 24, 2013
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outdoor spaces tips

`Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Now that the weather is warming up in Kansas City, you’re going to be making much more use out of your patio.  Get your patio ready for spring activities and guests by giving it a thorough spring cleaning and get rid of the layers of pollen that have gathered.

Use the following tips to clean your patio:

  • Ceiling – Clean the ceiling first so that you don’t end up cleaning the floor twice. Use a long duster and clean any fans that you have as well.
  • Floor – If your patio uses gravel, then rake it to straighten it out. Look for any debris and be sure to remove them. If you have a loose flagstone patio, then pull any weeds that have grown between the stones.
  • Plants – Water your potted plants and trim any hedges, trees or plants around the patio that are beginning to grow over.
  • Furniture – Clean your patio furniture by dusting it and wiping it down. Any patio furniture cushions should be washed or sent to the dry cleaner.

For more advice about patios in Kansas City, or to update or build a new patio, contact us at Outdoor Environments.

How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

June 14, 2010
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We are heading into prime outdoor living time.  Pools are now officially open and everyone is spending more time outdoors.  We recently came across  Good Things for Outdoor Living on and we decided to share a few of our favorite ideas with you.

One of my favorite tips on is to collect a few apothecary bottles and fill them with lamp oil and wicks, then arrange the bottles under a large hurricane for protection.

In typical Martha Stewart fashion, a gardening center is created using a carpenter’s nail belt.  I love the bucket in the center, perfect for storing larger items or even debris. recommends using tiki torches to bring a little of the islands to  your home.  For a path that is a little less paved you can anchor the torches in a bucket filled with gravel.

For more ideas on sprucing up your outdoors click here.