Backyards can significantly benefit from the addition of a pathway. In addition to keeping your feet warm and dry in inclement weather, they can also be used to heighten the aesthetic aspects of your property. Here are a few ideas on how to use pathways most effectively:

  • Have a Destination – Almost by definition, pathways should be functional. Still, if you do not really have anywhere you need to go, create a focal point at the end of the pathway with a sculpture or a particularly interesting plant.
  • Maintain the Décor – Don’t just throw down a concrete or gravel pathway. Instead, consider the décor and use slate, granite or even wood to complement the rest of the scenery along the route.
  • Consider the Walker – Not only should a path be wide enough with plenty of clearance from the surrounding shrubbery, it should also be comfortable to walk on. Keep yours relatively level – with steps as opposed to ramps – and lighted if necessary.

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