outdoor garden design

Source: Flickr

Outdoor spaces are quickly becoming a versatile extension of the home. Exterior remodeling ideas now include landscape design that incorporates outdoor kitchens, living and dining areas. This blending of the comforts of indoors with the great outdoors opens up a world of creative possibilities. Delve deeper into that creativity by mixing up the materials used in your landscaping design.

Don’t underestimate the versatility of gravel in your landscape design. For a more natural look in a wooded property, line paths with larger stones and fill in with gravel. In a patio area, pea gravel makes an ideal base for furniture and a sturdy, pleasant surface to walk on.

Cut slabs
Whether new or salvaged, cut stone slabs are a bold way to add topography to your landscape. Define grassy-topped steps down a hill with these easy to install choice for exterior remodeling ideas.

Irregular stone
Using irregular stone in your landscaping provides a sturdy surface with a less defined feel than traditional patterned flagstone. Allowing grass to grow up between the stones makes it seem as if they’ve always been part of the property.

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