If your garden needs to be refreshed,consider adding elements of hardscaping to create texture and visual interest. Garden transition, where each separate area of your yard has its own identity but there is a continuity that brings balance and flow to the entire space, is frequently used in outdoor design these days.


Design Style

Gone are the days when landscape was all straight lines and symmetrical flower beds. Now you see gently curved walkways, tiered terraces, serene ponds surrounded by comfortable seating, and creative use of yard art.

Mixing Materials 

Additional popular outdoor remodeling trends include using mixed materials. Create an interesting walk in a gentle zig-zag pattern. Fill the entire walkway with small earthy pea gravel. Let the gravel settle, then install flat river rock as stepping stones. Frame the entire walkway with short perennial plants or shrubs increasing size and height throughout  the remaining surrounding landscape.

Year Round Color 

Plan out your color in advance. There are many flowering perennials which bloom at different times throughout the year, so with a little planning it’s easy to have pockets of color no matter what the season. Then place planters full of flowering annuals throughout your entire yard during the warmer months for even more vibrant color.

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