outdoor kitchen design

Source: Flickr

The chill in the air is no reason to shy away from using your outdoor kitchen. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to showcase the cooking skills you have perfected over the summer.

Second Cooking Area

If you have a large gathering planned, don’t hesitate to use your outdoor kitchen as a second cooking area. This is also a great solution for families living in warmer climates who dread the heat accumulation from the indoor oven.

Healthier Options

With an ever increasing desire to serve healthy foods, grilling has become a mainstay for cooking. Use your outdoor kitchen to provide tasty alternatives to the usual calorie dense and high fat Thanksgiving treats.

Gathering Spot

Entertain your company both before and after the big meal outdoors. Use your outdoor kitchen to whip up some delicious appetizers or bar friendly snacks to enjoy while everyone relaxes. The warmth from your cooking will serve as an added way to ward off the chill in the air, making sure to keep everyone comfortable.

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