When cold weather arrives in Fall, many people pack up their outdoor furniture and don’t venture out again until Spring arrives. However, there are ways to enjoy the outdoors even during the colder seasons.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

When it starts to get cold, sitting outside bundled in a sweater and jacket likely doesn’t sound too appealing. However, if you add an outdoor fireplace to your outside living area, you can make the space much more comfortable, even for prolonged outings. You’ll be surprised how much people love gathering by your outdoor fireplace, especially if it’s near a comfortable sofa and a cozy throw blanket or two.

Try Sheepskins

Sheepskins make great outdoor coverings for chairs and seating areas in the fall. Best of all, you can easily throw them over chairs and benches to keep your warm and comfortable, then pack them quickly take them inside for the night so they don’t get dirty. As an alternative to sheepskins, try using faux-fur blankets. They’re soft to the touch, warm and luxurious.

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