outdoor design

Image via Houzz

On the list of most wanted exterior remodeling ideas is what to do with that unused corner of the backyard. While many people will just throw up a storage shed and plant some bushes around it, a little creativity can turn that corner into a little slice of heaven for you, your family and your guests. Here are just three suggestions:

  • An Outdoor Fireplace – On cool autumn evenings, a fireplace is just the thing to keep the party going. You can even keep the kids occupied with toasted marshmallows and s’mores. 
  • An Intimate Seating Area – Center it on a vintage table, a water feature or an outdoor sculpture. In any event, you will have a conversation starter and great place for your friends to congregate on a warm summer evening, 
  • A Trellis and Garden – Plant lovers never seem to have enough garden space. A trellis solves this problem in three dimensions. Plus, there are a amazing variety of colorful, low maintenance plants that love to climb. 

Whether you choose one of these exterior remodeling ideas or one of your own, don’t let that backyard corner go to waste. For more information, contact the pros at Outdoor Environments.