Hardscaping — the paths, walkways and other paved areas of your landscaping design — can be a great place to start when you’re designing a deck. Here are some tips to ensure your deck and hardscaping work together.

Consider Color

If you have existing hardscaping you want to stick with, use its color as a guide. You can match colors to make the hardscape and deck appear to be part of the same original design, or you can use contrasting colors to call attention to your deck. Since landscaping should have functionality, consider making your deck a focal point for your paths.

Consider Materials 

Decks and hardscaping don’t have to be made of the same materials in order to go together. A dark wood, for example, can match dark paving or provide a pleasant contrast with light sidewalks or paths. Mixing materials in this way is trendy and provides a lot of visual interest.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Finally, consider your lifestyle. If you don’t have a lot of time to put into your deck, use durable, easy-clean materials. To get started building your dream outdoors, contact us today.