outdoor design

Source: FlickrQ

Hardscaping is sometimes difficult to envision as part of a landscape, but with the right design it can look seamless.


Using hardscaping in locations which have steep inclines is a great way to make movement easier and beautify the otherwise difficult area. One idea is to add stone stairs which are extensively bordered by plants and brush.


A patio poses the perfect solution to an expanse of land where it is desirable to have seating, even an outdoor kitchen or entertainment center. The hardscaping can be made to incorporate the needs of the family while complementing the home’s colors and plants throughout.


Adding a walkway to a yard is a wonderful way to add charm to a yard. Pathways can be lined with flower plants of many types to bring a personalized touch. Having a path which winds through a yard, perhaps circling a fountain, or leading to a seating area further away from the main building adds a ambiance that would otherwise be lacking.

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