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Patio Maintenance for Winter Vital For Kansas City Home Owners

December 18, 2012
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Take the time to prepare your deck or patio for winter.

The days are short, the temps are coming down and it’s time to prepare that patio or deck for the winter months coming. Outdoor Environments wants you to get the most from your deck in Kansas City so follow these tips and make the spring thaw easier.

Prepare outdoor plants
It will be pretty sad to go out on your patio on the first warm day next spring and see dead plants, especially when with preparation now, you can save those plants through the winter.

Clean and cover
Take care of your furniture by cleaning and covering it up. Your furniture will last longer and stay much cleaner when protected from the harsh winter elements.

Clean your grill and spray metal parts with vegetable oil. This keeps moisture off of them, preventing rust. You can buy grill and furniture covers at Lowes or Wal-Mart. A nice grill is worth the effort, right?

Sweep and spray
Sweeping away the summer dirt will give you a clean patio next spring with much less effort. Sweep away the dirt and then rinse it off while before the freeze sets in.

Doing some pre-winter cleaning won’t stop the cold from coming, but it will help you bring your deck or patio back to life much quicker next spring. The experts at Outdoor Environments can help you design, build and maintain the deck of your of your dreams. Call 913-897-2706.

Photo by Olger Fallas on Flickr.